Thursday, October 25, 2007

From: "stephen pannone"
To: "Mercedes Pannone"
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 8:40 PM

> Mom-
> Sorry to be out of touch, we're just trying to get
> through this week of scans. So far we have had the CT
> done (wed.) Today was Echo and MIBG. After the scans
> today we had a few hours to get out. We went to the
> City of New York Museum. In the cab on the way home we
> had a call from the hospital (5:30 pm), they wanted us
> to come back in for a rescan because they saw
> something suspicious. We got back there but the
> scanner was having technical problems so we are now
> home without clarity and with the knowledge that
> something else may be there. We don't know anymore and
> just have to get through the night knowing that we may
> have more bad news in the morning when we
> are back at Sloan.
> stephen


Anonymous said...

Dear Ones, God be with you today. I fell asleep with my Haifa beads in my hands. When I awoke I found my fingers still on the beads. Hopefully my prayers were heard all through the night. We love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you and sending every bit a positive energy that we have.

--Susan, Aniella and Ina Zaslavsky

Amy Beth said...

thinking of you. you are so strong!
Amy Beth

Regina said...

Dear Toby, Stephen, Mooki, Yoni, family, friends and community:

It does seem to come back to "One day at a time"--or, at times like this, to one hour at a time, or one minute at a time....

May you be strengthened in the face of whatever news today has brought--by the memories of all the wonderful activities of Monday's "spring," and by the caring and support of all those whose lives are connected to yours.

Love and Ladybugs,


Mirm said...

Oh, Stephen, Mooki, Toby and Yoni,
We're thinking of you all and sending every good thought your way... Hoping and praying for good news and wishing you continued strength,
Mirm and Bryfy

LindaSueBuhl said...

Praying for you all - that the machines are wacko -and Toby is healing as we believe and petition continually that he BE fully healed.

Anonymous said...

My effort to post here yesterday failed. So, a note of love to all of you today. We are eager to hear from you, and believe fervently that the news will be good. We love you immensely.

Betsy and David

Anonymous said...

Praying for good news and that the suspicousness is just dirt on a lens or something.

Come on, Lord, PLEASE HEAL this baby!!

(and prayers for grandma too)

Anonymous said...

Sending good wishes and hopes, and I hope we can all share in some of this burden with you. And yes, wishing you love and ladybugs too.

Nancy W.
(also trying again after a few unsuccessful attempts to post here)

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephan and Mookie and Yoni and Toby,
We all miss all of you and send you lots of love and are surrounding you with our hugging arms. Nils and Jens say "hi dude" to Toby.
Martha and the Knutsens

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best news on Monday and an upper hand in such an unthinkable battle. You are strong. You are amazing. Your love is awe-inspiring. Truly.

A Neighbor.

Courtney said...

our prayers are with you.