Monday, December 10, 2007

cookies on cnn

an incredible clip about the cookie effort and neuroblastoma here. many of you know about liam from earlier posts... he was diagnosed 2 months before toby. although his battle with cancer has been very different from toby's, he and his parents, gretchen + larry, have been an inspiration to us during the last eight months. gretchen is the force behind cookies for kids cancer. please make sure to order your cookies before december 14.

an update on toby very soon!

love, mooki + stephen


Anonymous said...

Like a lot of us who pitched in on the cookie effort, I felt honored to have met Gretchen and another parent of a child with neuroblastoma (Laura?), as well as Shirley, who was amazing. If Gretchen is tackling Liam's illness with even half the chutzpah she used with UPS to get the cookies out on time, he's got a strong mom in his corner! It was heartening to see that Mooki and Stephen seem to be in such strong company. (And humbling to have had almost zero skills for any job related to getting the cookies out in such a professional manner, but still able to have happily cut ribbons for the boxes.) Sending love to all and look forward to updates,

Nancy W.

JoAnn said...

Thank you for giving those of us in the hinterlands, who can't deliver meals or offer rides, something useful to do. The cookies are wonderful, and everyone we've given them to has loved them.
Wishing you all increasing strength -

Itababy said...

Toby, Mooky, Stephen,

We love you dearly and want you to know that we think of you constantly.

Please convey our love and kisses to Toby Man. Tell him we miss his energy and hugs and hope to see hiim soon soon soon.

Ita & Co

Tracy & Bruce said...

If you haven't check... all cookies are sold!!! WOW!! An amazing effort and who couldn't have guessed.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you tonight, and wishing you all peace.
Manya Vartdal

Just Me said...

While disappointed that I didn't get any, I am THRILLED that you sold them all so quickly.

I hope you all enjoyed a blessed and peaceful holiday, and look forward to reading good news about Toby's progress.