Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Providing Meals – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for offering to prepare a meal for Toby, Yoni, Stephen and Mooki. All the meals have been delicious and so very appreciated. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Meal Coordinator: Florence Hutner, Park Slope Jewish Center
Email: fhutner (at) earthlink.net

How do I sign up?

You can sign up directly on the blog calendar. Just follow the instructions. If you have trouble with the calendar, email Florence. Once you sign up, please email your name, phone number and address to Florence.

Where does the family live? Do I deliver the meal myself? If so, when?

Until Sept 1, the family is at 66 First Place, garden apt. (near Court) in Carroll Gardens. After Sept 1, they will be at 19 Temple Court (btw Terrace & Seeley) in Windsor Terrace. Both are accessible by subway. The cook or another volunteer delivers the meal. Usually, weekday deliveries are near the dinner hour (5 pm or so). Weekend deliveries can often be earlier. Florence will send you details of delivery once you have signed up.

Can I prepare a meal if I am not able to deliver it?

If possible, cooks deliver the meal themselves (see when/how above). But, if you are unable to deliver, another volunteer can deliver your meal. As soon as you sign up, let Florence know if you need someone to deliver.

Should I make something that is frozen? Should salads be prepped?

For now, because Mooki and Stephen have very limited time and because freezer space is minimal, meals should be fresh, not frozen and ready to eat with minimal prep needed. Be sure to use disposable containers.

What should I prepare? Are there any dietary restrictions?

The whole family (kids and adults) have been very happy with chicken dishes, chili-type meals, stews, meatballs, fruit salads, soups. Because Yoni keeps kosher, please avoid pork and shellfish, and if possible, do not combine dairy and meat in the same dish. Ask Florence for further tips about what to prepare.

How much food should I prepare?

Enough servings for three to four adults is plenty. Some cooks choose to prepare a main dish and salad or side dish, while others like to provide an entire meal including salad, entree, side dish, bread and dessert. It is up to you. Wine is welcome.

Can I include a gift for Toby or a note for Mooki, Stephen and Yoni?

Of course. Notes from the cooks are very welcome.

“Thank you again, from our stomachs and our hearts.” ~Mooki

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