Monday, August 6, 2007

Toby still needs blood and platelets.

As so many of us are leaving town for vacations, I hope that anyone who is here, especially if your work schedule has slowed down for the summer, will consider heading over to the hospital to give blood. I just did it again today - platelets took just over 2 hours - not such a huge investment of time. Whole blood is even faster.

According to Mary in the Blood Donor office at MSK, Toby has had more than 100 people come to donate for him, many people more than once. This is an amazing blood drive for the hospital, incredible evidence of the strength and support of Toby's community, and obviously a vital and direct way that we can all help save Toby's life. The number to call to donate is 212-639-3335.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, and in advance to those who are about to.



Sari Fensterheim said...

Before seeing this blog entry I went today tp donate platelets for Toby. I was deferred for a temporary infection. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I have followed Toby's progress by reading Mookie, Stephen and other's words and so have wanted to do something for him. I am hoping that I will be asymptomatic soon and can donate in the near future. Please know that you are always in mine and Dan's thoughts.
-Sari Fensterheim

Anonymous said...

what happens if you live further away than new york how do you donate ?