Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hospitals are boring

In addition to everything else that Toby, Mooki and Stephen have to deal with during their long days at the hospital, there are long periods of time when Toby doesn't have much to do, or doesn't have much energy to be up and playing, or is sick of the options in the playroom etc. Then, like so many three year olds, he wants his parents to have endless amounts of energy to entertain him. This is getting really exhausting for them, and it's another way that we - those who want to support Toby and his family - can help. If you can make it to the hospital (67th and York) for even half an hour to read Toby some stories, play a game, do a puzzle, sing a song, do card tricks...pretty much anything that might be diverting, your help is needed.

There are a few caveats: Toby's schedule at the hospital is extremely unpredictable, so flexibility and knowing that you may get canceled at the last minute or something may come up is crucial. Right now, he is only at the hospital 3 days a week, but that can change at any time. You must be TOTALLY healthy to visit - no sniffles, runny noses, fevers etc. Like all 3 year olds, Toby may not be interested in connecting with a new person at any given time, so you shouldn't take it personally if he isn't as gracious as, say, a grown-up would be that you went out of your way for him. But an infusion of good play energy, even if it's only for a half hour or so, would give Mooki and Stephen a little slack in their very long days up there.

If you want to go visit Toby, call Mooki at 917-359-2989 or email her. As with everything else, even small things matter - a short visit will mean a lot. You should call right before you want to visit - like the day before, or even that morning. Mooki shouldn't be keeping a running list of who wants to do this. It's just got to be a fairly spur of the moment thing.

You can double your support by visiting Toby while you're at the hospital to donate blood or platelets, or by donating while you're there to visit.



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