Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Important Blood Drive Needs!

Toby needs more blood products! Even without the surgery, he needs 2 or 3 units of blood and 2 or 3 of platelets every week. Right now he has one unit of whole blood and no platelets in his bank. And his needs will go up around his surgery, which is June 27. This means that we all need to make some time in the next week to get over to the hospital and donate. The donor room is open 7 days a week, and it only takes about an hour to give whole blood. Platelets take 2.5 hours and expire much faster, so if you have the time, please consider doing that.

I know that lots of people have tried to donate and been turned away for low iron. I am told by the Blood Donor rep at MSK that eating Total cereal for 2 weeks is guaranteed to get your iron levels where they need to be. So if you've been turned away but still want to give, get yourself some Total and try for next week.

The numbers to call to sign up to donate are:
Mary Thomas - 212-639-3335

Donor Room - 212-639-7648
It's summer, and everyone is vacationing, relaxing, going away. Think how much more you will enjoy your vacation knowing that you did something so concrete to help Toby during this time of increased need.


If you need any help navigating the process, feel free to email me.



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Anonymous said...

Hello, Toby's family. I regularly keep up with the blog for Ellie Skees, and I read Mooki's comment on there, and hence discovered your blog. I just wanted you to know that Toby is in my prayers; he looks like such a sweet little guy.

Beth in Tennessee