Thursday, June 28, 2007

Post-op day #1

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing from Toby's bedside at Cornell. Toby had a fitful night to say the least. For whatever reason, the sedation medicines weren't working & as a result Toby was awake & fighting to have his breathing tube out. Neither he nor Mooki got much sleep.

Fortunately, this morning Toby was breathing on his own & the tube was pulled out! Right now he's getting a little supplemental oxygen through some nasal prongs.

The epidural seems to be controlling his pain & now both he & Mooki are taking a nap. Earlier, Toby was watching some DVDs & interacting with both Mooki & Stephen. He's pretty puffy from all the IV fluids he got while in the operating room, which should come off in the next day or two.

Toby doesn't like his NG tube that has to stay in until his bowel recovers from the anesthesia which likely won't be for a couple more days. He's been a real trooper despite all he's been through.

This moning, Jessica came by to donate platelets & dropped off some food & when Stephen, Merci, & I returned home late last night, we were greeted by another amazing dinner - thank you all.



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting an update. My name is Jennifer, and I am another Park Slope resident (and mom of three sons) who has followed Toby's progress. Toby has been in my thoughts all the time the past several days, and I have been praying for Toby. I am grateful for the news that Toby is out of surgery, even if he was fighting to get the breathing tube out. Toby has come this far precisely because he is a fighter, and that is exactly what makes it possible for him to beat the cancer! Keep us posted. Many, many people are praying for Toby and want to know how he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Just writing to let you know how pleased and appreciative I am to read these updates. I realize that people near and dear count on them, but as one of the many parents in the Park Slope community whose been glued to this blog, I'm so relieved to read this information. Please know we're out here, rooting for all of you, hoping, and so glad to hear that Toby is post-op! (but sorry about the bad night)

Best wishes to everyone,
Nancy W.

Itababy said...

Hi Toby!
It's a pity you had to wake up to tubes and be bothered by them and I am sorry you had a bad night, but hey, you are strong enough to show how strong you are by trying to pull them out! Next I want to hear that you are out of there and are walking around again and listening to the music you love so much and hiding things on each floor of the hospital!
Keep it up Toby, you are a MARVEL, we are all so proud of you!. Way to go Toby! Go go go!

Love to all,
Ita & Co

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful update - Toby seems to have the will to overcome that will serve him so well. Bless y'all -