Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cookies for Cancer

"It will be a great day when our schools (and pediatric cancer research) get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber." -adapted from Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Next week neuroblastoma parents, together with more than 200 volunteers, will begin baking 96,000 gourmet cookies in an attempt to fund new treatments for our children. You might find it hard to believe that no government or private foundation funds are available for this. You probably find it odd that parents need to sell cookies to save their children's lives. The reality is that the government classifies neuroblastoma as an "orphan" disease, one with fewer than 200,000 affected individuals. Diseases with a relatively small patient population are at a significant disadvantage in the competition for resources. So even though there are promising treatments in the pipeline at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, they can't go into the clinical trial phase without funds. And that's why we need you to buy cookies.

The delicious cookies come from renowned cookbook author Sally Sampson's recipes. The ingredients are all natural and every order will be beautifully gift-boxed. Best of all, 95% of the proceeds will go directly to research at MSKCC since almost everything related to the project has been generously donated, from ingredients to kitchen facilities and cold storage.

We know that many of you are about to begin the tireless search for the perfect holiday gift and we hope that you'll take advantage of this opportunity to give a gift that not only tastes good but feels good.

You can purchase online at

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

love, mooki + stephen


Anonymous said...


I can't wait to go bake cookies--and to share some with my family at Christmas.

Thinking of you during the holidays.

JoAnn said...

This is what I'm giving to everyone on my Christmas and Chanukah list, including the mailman, the hair dresser, and the trash guys.

Anonymous said...

I've forwarded this link to everyone I know. I hope you get a lot of responses.

I've lost count of weeks. How many more rounds of 3F8 must Toby endure? I hope he's almost finished...

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for the perfect gift.

You've met me + my girls only once at Music Matters, and do not know us.... but my husband, and I, think and pray for Toby + the your family each day.

We know wellness will happen.

NB Warrior said...

Hi, I just joined the Band Of Parents group. I will be posting about the cookies to hopefully spread the word =)

My daughter Isabella was diagnosed with NB in November of 2004. She is currently NED. =)

If you don't mind I'll add your site to my link list.

Anonymous said...

My name is Shante'. My son, Ta'Shaun was diagnosed with NB when he was 2 1/2 years old in March of 2004. The doctors told me that he had a 40% chance of making it through treatments. I didn't want to listen to that. He went through Chemo and a Stem Cell transplant. He made it through that. All of 2006 after a year of treatments he was in remission. I thought everything was going great he was in school and we were moving on. The last checkup he had (MRI's, Cat Scans, etc) to check for cancer came back positive. They put him on the chemo treatment (1 week on, 2 weeks off) I emailed my sons doctor to see if it is the same one that lil Toby is doing now. Because that did not work for my son. The cancer came back strong. My son Ta'Shaun past away November 17, 2007.

I'm not writting this to discourage you in anyway. This type of thing has happened in my neighborhood to 2 other mothers with sons that had NB. One lost her son in Nov 2006 and the other mother I lost contact with her and her son. Its just crazy that NB is popping up everywhere. Does or is anyone concerned about the water or food here in New Jersey and New York?

I wish I would have known about this Cookies for kids cancer a whole lot sooner. I really do hope lil Toby gets through this. I'm not a member of this blog site because I use another, but my email is I will come back and check this blog often. I have it bookmarked.

Thanks for listening,
Shante' and Yamil Perez