Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally, 3F8

Toby will be starting 3f8 antibody treatment on monday. After reviewing the scans with radiology, Dr. Kushner feels that they haven't changed since august and he is eager to forge ahead with antibodies and radiation. Toby still has disease in the humerus and 1 or 2 vertebral bodies, but Kushner feels that it is probably marrow, not boney. The MRI of the liver was clean. All four bone marrow biopsies are negative, as are the aspirates. While an area in the mid-abdomen did light up, the NB team feels that it is due to post-operative changes and not tumor re-growth. We had a very, very scary week and while there is still ambiguity, we will tolerate it. I will update again with the details, but wanted everyone to know that we are ok.
love, mooki and stephen


Anonymous said...

I am glad that Toby can move forward with healing and that your agonizing week has passed. More prayers, good thoughts and healing vibes coming your way...

Regina said...

Dear Toby, Mooki, Stephen, Yoni and all:

May there be more points of light and air along this very long and dark tunnel, and may this Shabbat be one of respite, comfort and healing.

Love, Regina

Anonymous said...

Whew. A sigh of relief that things are moving forward. We're counting on you, 3F8! (Is this R2D2's cousin?)
We're cheering for you, Toby, Mooki, Stephen, and Yoni! You must all be exhausted. Please accept our well wishes, prayers, and healing thoughts from near and far.

Anonymous said...

What a week you and your family have had to endure. May you have a restful weekend knowing that Toby's path of healing moves forward. Not a day goes by where we don't think of him and your family's battles.

Former park sloper and beansprouter

Anonymous said...

3f8!!! YES!!!! This is the message I was hoping for!

brooklyn neighbor

Anonymous said...

Let's do this! 3F8 here we come.

--Susan, Aniella and Ina Zaslavsky (thinking of you often)

Anonymous said...

Phew! Here's to R2D2's cousin 3F8! And to a restful, happy weekend with Toby, who I hope got to enjoy some Halloween fun this week.

Nancy W.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaay Toby!!!!

Loving prayers and thoughts headed your way. You mentioned that there are some sticky spots to go, but it's wonderful that Toby can move on to the next step.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some Halloween fun as well. I suspect that if you couldn't, everyone found a way to bring the fun to YOU. You're a wonderful, remarkable, strong little boy. I hope and pray the icky treatments are gone for good!

Susan said...

I second that YAAAAY and raise you a WHOOPIE! I've been checking every day for some word. While I wait and worry, the weight on you must be incredible. Here's to the lighter spirit in your voice.

If you did miss the Halloween Festivities I'm available to do some face painting and I'm sure my girls would be happy to get dressed up for another day of Halloween!

Be strong and cry hard.

Gretchen said...

Welcome to the Wonderful Wacky World of 3F8! Yeah! I know...I in the world can I be saying "yeah" when you know you have the pain of 3F8 in front of you. But it's good pain. (Don't forget the throw up bucket for the ride home...just in case.)

We'll be thinking of you Monday.

Go, Toby, Go.

Gretchen, Larry, Prince Liam and Princess Ella

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that the scare of last week has settled down a bit, and I hope you can enjoy this coming weekend in anticiption of Toby's beginning 3F8 Monday.

We love you all. Gila

dear toby i love you a lot from isabel.

Tracy & Bruce said...

Here's a quick link to everything you ever wanted to know about 3F8...
Waves of healing wishes from Georgia!!

Anonymous said...

May the 3F8-Force be with you! Hip hip hooray for being able to move forward in your treatment. And thank you Tracy and Bruce for that link.

Mooki, Stephen, Yoni,
I think of you guys A LOT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing an update.
It's so good to hear that you are making progress. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday so that you'll feel refreshed for the next week.