Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is what I'm thankful for

*an amazing community of family, friends and strangers who have come together to feed, strengthen and care for us over the last seven months
*my brother, yoram, whose gentle, knowledgeable and loving presence continues to make a daily difference in our lives. he listens, guides, and explains with total dedication and love. he faithfully treks to brooklyn, leaving behind his own family and job to be with us + wash our dishes + parent yoni + run interference with doctors. we call him at all hours of the day and night. we badger him with constant, panicky questions. when i can't put two words together, he writes phenomenal posts for the blog. we can't imagine going through this nightmare without him and we don't think he will ever know what a huge support he is.
*our older son yoni, who has been through so much, and is still a straight-A student, a loving brother and fantastic human being
*park slope parents
*the incredible adults who make playdates with toby, bringing music, stories, activities and normalcy
*the dedicated and loving team of nurses, doctors and staff at mskcc
*my parents yochi + shabtai, uncle greg, merci, aunt anna, cousin catherine and aunt betsy, who have all come to stay with us under incredibly difficult circumstances
*the photographers who orchestrated the art of giving fundraiser
*the countless generous souls who have donated blood, platelets and money
*a great, understanding workplace
*temple court and prospect park
*the parents of children fighting neuroblastoma, who have inspired me with their courage and hope

and most of all i am so thankful for toby... that he is alive, and that i have the opportunity to watch, learn and laugh with him. toby my sweet boy, you make my life beautiful.



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I was just coming to this blog to add a note of thanks for all of YOU, and now of course I'm in tears after reading Mooki's beautiful entry. I feel incredibly grateful to be included in Toby and his family's world through this blog. It has added much to my life these past months.

With love to all,
Nancy W.

Anonymous said...

And we thank you for sharing your family with us, for your amazing courage and for your willingness to let us all in - so that we can all be more thankful for everything we have. we hope for a peaceful weekend for all the people in your life

one of the thousands who has been so touched by your story and who is thankful to know of you and Toby and all those you mention (and a former sloper and beansprouter - I always knew that was a special place!)

LindaSueBuhl said...

Thank you for sharing so openly - you honor us with the opportunity to care for and pray for your family.

Anonymous said...

I feel very thankful on this day. Your journey has given me the perspective to feel thankful for my world, my life, and my family with true depth of feeling. with love,


Regina said...

Dear Mooki,

The connections with your family-- and with the rest of your network of caring supporters, on this blog and beyond--are very high on my gratitude list during this season.

Whenever I share Toby stories and updates, it gives me and my listeners the opportunity to hone in on what really matters in life: what makes life so precious and worthy of celebration, every day that we are blessed to be in it.

"I will praise the Eternal with my life; I will sing to my God with my yet-being." (Psalm 146:2)

Love, Regina

Anonymous said...

Mookie -

I am thankful for you. Your blog has made me look at my life and my children in a different way. It has made me want to be a better parent and a better person. Your strength and Toby's endurance are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Toby so intimately with us during the past several months. As the Hanukah miracle is relived and retold, I pray that Toby and you are blessed with the miracles you need for Toby's cure.

You are always, always in my thoughts.