Saturday, July 7, 2007

and it's not over

i just got a call (7 am saturday) that toby's cultures are positive for bacteria. we are being admitted this morning. i'll keep you updated.


LindaSueBuhl said...

OK - it is confirmed - Toby is an incredible little boy with a huge and beautiful spirit. So very sorry to read of the complications - as we have learned from another friend's blog about neuroblastoma it is a formidable foe. BUT - we continue to pray for Toby's heal and your strength. Thank you for allowing so many people to care for your family.

The Grande Enchilada said...

Dear Mooki:
Rant away. No need to apologize. As if.

Thinking of you and sending all our love and prayers to Toby.

Anonymous said...

You NEED to rant. Get it out of your system. You have a right to be angry, frustrated, scared. I crumble at the notion of it. I can't begin to comprehend the depths of your daily struggles.

Please, little Toby, keep your heart and will fighting this cancer and your current infection.

Dearest God in Heaven, strengthen Toby's body and mind. Keep his child's spirit alive with the hope and happy attitude that all children carry inside, even on the bad days.

Thank you, Lord, for carrying Toby this far. He's suffered in ways we can't imagine, but he is making progress toward recovery. Please, please restore his health and let him get back to the joys and freedoms of childhood.

Please also bless Mooki and Steven with renewed hope for Toby's recovery. You've blessed them with many, many friends and strangers to help over the last few months, and for that we are eternally grateful. Such kindnesses are constant reminders of Your presence in their and our lives.

Bless Toby's doctors, nurses, and caregivers with the skill and instinct to treat Toby as effectively and painlessly as possible. Guide their decisions to ensure Toby's recovery to a full, cancer-free life.

It truly is miraculous to consider how far cancer treatment has come in a mere decade or two. People may take credit for the milestones reached, but such breakthroughs are impossible without Your will behind them.

Please touch Toby with Your hand and cure his body. However he gets there, please let Mooki and Steven witness the miracle of Toby's recovery.

I, like so many others, don't understand why any little boy should suffer so. I know there are plans we can't see or understand. Please give us all faith to trust your decisions.

Anonymous said...

A precious friend, going through some trials of her own, sent this to me this morning.

"It truly has been an insane couple of months where the very fiber of what we believe about life and God has been tested. But this I know. God is good. Each of us has a hand-picked race to run. We can run it trusting in His goodness even though nothing seems to make sense, or we can run it bitter, angry, and unbelieving.

"God promises grace and help to those who trust him, and he also says that He "inhabits the praises of His people" that means He draws near to us when we declare with Job - "though He slay me yet will I praise Him." I need Him near right now because this is far too big for me to sort thru by myself - So I am sometimes only minute by minute chosing to trust Him - when we praise Him we display trust in this One who is higher and knows better and will prove himself faithful - Sorry - not meaning to preach to you - I am actually seeking to fight for faith for myself this morning and this is how I do it - I must speak truth to myself - you just happen to be part of the listening audience!!"

Anonymous said...

Just sending along good thoughts, hopes and wishes. I imagine some of the days we don't get updates on the blog may be the ones where it's important to feel connected and supported. So sending some connection your way!

Nancy W.

Anonymous said...

we believe in you toby. namostute, we will be here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Mooki, Toby's news is disheartening: we can complain to God:
"My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?
I have cried desperately for help
but it still does not come!
During the day, I call to you, my God, but you do not answer;
I call at night but get no rest..."
Psalm 22
But we can't lose hope, for Toby's sake!
People here in CA, who do not even know Toby, are praying for him:
-our UPS merchant, Kanan, bought t-shirts and says, "My daughter Shavaina and I pray for Toby every night".
-a nurse at the care center where John's mother lives bought t-shirts, saying, "I understand, because my son was born with internal bleeding and had to stay in the hospital for several months."
-John's aunt Margaret bought a shirt for her great-grandson, and wrote: "our Kiki looks like Toby. I know he'll love it. I hope Toby is improving."
- the butcher at the supermarket, seeing Toby's picture on our shirts, gave us $1.00 to buy a lottery ticket, as he knows the cost of health care!
So we are buoyed up and carried along by this great community of
frienda and strangers, who are moved by this little boy! Love, Aunt Blanche & Uncle John