Thursday, July 26, 2007

A better day

Thank you so much for your comments after my last post. Your words grounded and comforted me, and reminded me why we're doing this. Yesterday was also a better day for Toby: he ate a little toast, had some visitors and participated in the pediatric talent show, where he performed a magic trick to rousing applause. We leave in a few minutes for the third day of chemo.
love, mooki and stephen


Rachel said...

Mooki -

I have a good feeling about this third day. It's going to be a strong one. I can see the strength and power in Toby's eyes in the pictures you've posted; I send him my positive thoughts every spare moment I find. Just got back from the Kotel - said Tehilim for your sweet Toby. Will be thinking of him (and of you and Stephen and Yoni) in the coming days and weeks.

Rachel Grant Meyer

Anonymous said...

Yet another person who has not met your family but has been deeply touched by your posts. My oldest son was born with a fixable heart defect and he had open heart surgery just about the same age as Toby is now (he is now 8) and I too vividly remember him lying in his bed post surgery fearing that he would emerge as a different person. We all know that Toby, with his strong being and immutable essence that you have captured and in turn has captured us - a former Park Slope, beansprouts family - will remain your Toby. Your willingness to share your pain, your fear, your love and your family with us, so that we in turn can love our families with more strength and truth is truly a gift from Toby and your family.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Somehow chemo always seems to be "the lesser of two evils". Bless you for reading the positive and supportive messages - you are SO loved and obviously Toby is a child of the world - touching many people in his thus far short life. He must get that sense of humor, strength, and zest for life from his family.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oops - wanted to be very clear - Toby's life SO FAR has been just 4 years, he is fighting for a long and full life. Go TOBY

JoAnn said...

Have a safe and lovely respite at home. Toby's resiliance is amazing. And throught it all, he remains a sprite.

Anonymous said...

I want to share this story with you. A very special boy of ours learned he had cancer just before his Bar Mitzvah and the celebration was to be postponed until he was better. We danced at his 16th birthday and again at his wedding when his parents had the pleasure of walking him to the chupah.

Thinking of you all and wish you the same.

Anonymous said...

Hoping, hoping, hoping that this round of chemo is going well. Or that it's GONE well and you're all done and back at home. Thinking of the fabulous four (hmmmm) of you often. So overwhelmed by Mooki's eloquence on all fronts that I've heretofore been too tongue-tied to post. Can I say I love you guys when I don't even know you?!?

Lynn said...

Mooki, Stephen, I am rooting for Toby, for you, and for Yoni. You are one of the most beautiful, powerful and loving families on the planet. Your love, your strength and your faith envelope Toby and give him the emotional cushion to rest on through his ordeal. Wail Mooki, flush out the darkness, it will keep you clear-eyed and focused. I think of you daily.
Much love,