Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi All,

Toby completed his first cycle of chemo earlier today. His appetite is slowly improving too. For lunch, he had some cucumbers, applesauce, cherry ice, & a few fries.

Mooki & Stephen enjoyed lunch compliments of Heather & Jessica.

Toby did a great job getting his Broviac (central catheter) dressing changed. Mooki & Stephen are learning how to change the dressing so that once Toby's at home they'll be able to do it themselves.

Yoni came to visit today & got Toby to smile & even laugh - just what the Dr. ordered. Tomorrow, Mooki's hoping to get Toby cleaned-up, she's hoping for a shower, but will settle for a sponge bath.

One thing Mooki & Stephen are interested in is "Toby stimulation." If there's anyone out there who has a particular skill (balloon animals, etc) capaable of engaging a 3 year-old, please let us know.

That's all for know. Enjoy your weekend.


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Jennifer said...

Hi Toby,

I heard through a friend that you are just starting treatment at Sloan-Kettering and I wanted to share with you that my daughter Carolyn was also treated at Sloan. She was diagnosed with stage iv neuroblastoma in January 2003 at age 4. Today she is a happy 2nd grader.

Even though we live in Northern Virginia (closer to your uncle in Silver Spring than to New York!) we transferred care to Sloan and know it was the best decision we ever made. You simply could not be in better hands than with the team of doctors at Sloan who eat, sleep and breathe this disease! They will take excellent care of you.

Tell Mom and Dad to visit Carolyn's website when they get a chance( My email address is there, and I will be happy to call and talk if they send me your phone number.

Hang tough little man. You will get through this and your whole family will be even stronger than before.

Love and strength to you,
Jennifer Click