Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Toby Update

hi everyone,

just a quick update.

toby had his first blood transfusion on monday night after being admitted to sloan and his first day of chemo yesterday. he seemed to take the chemo pretty well, all considering. at a certain point, while throwing up and pooping and hiccuping (all at the same time) he suddenly said, "i want to speak to grandmother merci." go figure. he was very chatty through the treatment, telling visitor sonia hassin about elevators and trains and his friends chipmunk and wally worm. today we repeat.

he still hasn't eaten since last tuesday, but is drinking apple juice and milk. i hope that we can get a milkshake into him if the vomiting/nausea goes down. saba and sabta unguru have been coming each day. i hope that yoni will be able to visit this week and randy will be coming on thursday to play some music. we are so excited about that!! lisa kleinman came to visit yesterday and brought sushi and books. We really really really appreciate bag lunches and snacks. martha made awesome roasted pepper soup. rachel made a tremendous shabbat meal that we're still enjoying. Fran has brought us meals, visited and coordinated. rabbi carie was in the right place at the right time when she met the ambulance on monday. i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot but i want to publicly thank each and every one of you. contact with all of you is our greatest gift.

sloan is a good place; the docs and nurses are great. toby is in room 931 on the pediatric inpatient floor.

yoram, my brother will be back in nyc tomorrow and will be able to give you more updates. thanks for your prayers, your love and your actions.

love to all of you,
mooki and stephen


Donna Brown said...

Hi Mooki,

I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and praying for you and your family, during this difficult time.

My church is also praying for Toby to have a good recovery and strength for you and Stephen.

Please know that you have great suuport from your family and your UJC family.

Stay strong.

Much Love


RandyNora said...

Dear Mooki and Yoni (we never met Stephen), I was browsing through the Park Slope Parents email list today and read their note about you and your Toby. We never had the pleasure of meeting Toby, as we lost contact while you were pregnant. I have such pleasant memories of you - one Purim sitting in synagogue with you and listening to the Maggilah with David and Yoni downstairs. Your smiling and upbeat way. Many other memories. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are at your service. Let us know what we can do. Love, Randy and David.