Friday, April 27, 2007

More Toby (Lunches)

Good Morning Everyone,

Toby had a semi-rough night (vomiting, sweaty, and he spiked another fever). But Stephen, who stayed with him last night, tells us that Toby did ask for breakfast this morning and after yesterday's succesful encounter with food we're encouraged. The first cycle of chemo is complete today and until Toby's "counts" (his white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets) drop over the next 7-10 days, my guess is that he should feel better at least today and tomorrow.

As many of you know, our parents are here from Israel, helping out in any way they can. They're a source of both moral and practical support and along with all of your help, we're very thankful. My mom is most at home in the kitchen and until their departure on May 5th dinners are covered (although tonight and tomorrow Heather has arranged for dinners).

Where Mooki, Stephen, and Yoni could really benefit from everyone's gastronomic generosity is with dinners once our parents depart, but especially with lunches even starting now. As a result of the controlled chaos in the hospital, Mooki and Stephen often times either miss lunch altogether or end-up eating a not too pleasant hospital lunch around 16:00. If there is anyway to make sure that they can count on a lunches I know they would be truly appreciative.

Knowing that you all have Toby and his family in your thoughts and actions is an enormous relief for me, especially when I am back in Maryland.

Please know that without your help and kindness these horribly tragic times would be all the much harder.



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