Friday, April 20, 2007

UJC Response

1. Lisa Kleinman has already reached out to Park Slope Jewish Center,
which has a meal-delivery program for people going through a crisis.
They'll be ready to get things going by early next week. We at UJC will
invite anyone who wants to, to financially support that program.

2. I will happily coordinate grocery shopping among the many UJC
Brooklynites and Jonathan Levine.

3. I will do the laundry as needed, with help from Dina Garfinkel.

4. Glenn Rosenkrantz' partner Patrick said that Sloan-Kettering has a
massage program for family members; and he, Patrick, is happy to work to
ensure that Mooki and Stephen get in the program as quickly as possible,
and if as quickly as possible isn't quick enough, to give them massages
himself -- Patrick is a licensed massage therapist.

5. Mirm has graciously agreed to take on the Tuesday night garbage
responsibilities. I'm sure she can enlist help in this area from her
Park Slope neighbors. Mirm and her husband Bryf can generally be on
call for Yoni, they live close by and Bryf is usually home in the

6. Rox has offered to set up a blog where people can post notes; and we
can ask people at bean sprouts to videotape messages of love and support
for Toby. Rox's husband Peter is an NYC high-school teacher and would
happily help Yoni with any school-related issues.

7. Jonathan Levine suggested that Mooki might want a blackberry to send
notes to friends/family without burden of good internet questions. I
have one already set up for her.

8. Kim Fish and Joe Berkofsky are in charge of toys. We'll ask people
to contribute money for a toy fund ... Toys / games that Toby can play
in bed. Kim and Joe will purchase 'em.

9. Many people have said they would spend the night with Yoni, or pick
him up to spend the night at their homes if need be. That includes: Anne
Spiwak, Jonathan Levine, Annette Powers ...

Please let Mooki and Stephen know that they can count on us for
anything. At anytime.

Fran Sommers

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jewishspiritualcounseling said...


I am Yoni's dad, josh. I am amazed and so happy to see all of Toby's friends helping so much. I know we all pray for his full recovery.

refuah shlemah toby,