Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Toby Update

Another update while Stephen and Mooki are "out of range" at RM:

Toby, Mooki, and Stephen spent another day in Manhattan. Their visit to SK was short today and they were back at RM by early afternoon. I had dinner with the three of them tonight at RM (the food was compliments of one of the many cooks that deliver daily to Stephen and Mooki's apartment). Toby was amazingly energetic - wanting to show me the key sights - the elevators, the terrace, their room, the kitchen, the 11th floor, and the playroom. He was so happy and funny. He looks great and he's style'n with uncle Greg's haircut. Stephen and Mooki are, of course, both amazing and strong. Even under this tremendously stressful situation; their little boy being treated for a horrible disease, their lives turned upside down, little ability to plan anything beyond a couple of hours, virtually no time for themselves, constantly changing living conditions, hours of waiting, an overload of inform ation concerning treatments, medications, schedules ... they remain calm, loving, and caring.

Toby finishes his second round of chemo tomorrow (mon). He'll be disconnected from the IV early afternoon, then we'll head back to their temporary apartment (until June 17) on Kane Street in Carroll Gardens (Carroll Gardens is another neighborhood in Brooklyn - a mile or two from the Park Slope neighborhood). Yoni and I will move some items over there tomorrow morning so that they can start to settle in a little. Vivien and Mike Shelanski are the generous couple who are providing the apartment.

The generosity of the people here in the Park Slope neighborhood, as well as the parents and staff at the Bean Sprouts School, continued today with a yard sale at the Methodist Church courtyard on 6th Avenue. Stephanie Caloir, one of the parents of a Bean Sprouts child got the idea rolling and the staff at Bean Sprouts helped make it happen. They had fliers up and down 5th Avenue as well as information written in chalk on the sidewalks. I arrived at about 2 pm to find the courtyard filled with clothing, toys, books, videos, strollers, etc. all donated by people in the community. About 40 people where shopping at the time - they raised about $3000. Even one of Toby's friends, Sam, had a lemonade stand to help raise money. What wasn't sold was donated to a charity that supports children at a school in Africa. Fortunately, the day was warm and sunny.

Toby made the front page of Friday's Park Slope Courier; the headline reads "3-Year-Old vs. Cancer" in inch high bold lettering. Photos from the blog were also on the front page. A very nice article accompanied the headline and photos. The paper was delivered this morning and as I walked the 8 blocks from their apartment to the yard sale, I saw Toby's face on many stoops.

Yoni helped his soccer team win another game this today (3 to 1); then he spent the afternoon and evening with his friend Gabriel. They apparently made $20 each doing some yardwork.


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