Sunday, May 13, 2007

Belated Toby Update

Stephen, Mooki, and Toby will remain at RM House until Sunday thus, I doubt that Mooki will add to the blog until then. Some updates:

Toby's second round of chemo started yesterday. They went to SK at 8:00 am but didn't start until 10:30 am. They left at 6:30 pm to spend the night back at RM. IVs remained attached and Toby has a little backpack to hold the medications so that they continue to flow all night. Even after being hooked up all day and restricted to the hospital bed, Toby was still finding ways to have fun - listening to Randy's CD (a local musician who plays for the kids a Bean Sprouts), reading, playing on mom's Blackberry, swinging Tigger from the curtain lines, and eating his new favorite foods - Doritos, Starbusts, and Chuckles. He seemed almost oblivious to what was going on. Mooki says that will change today as the chemo kicks in.

They'll be back at SK today and tomorrow. The process will be completed on Sunday morning.

Stephen and Mooki tell me the RM house is comfortable - like a very nice hostel. Toby likes it of course as it has elevators! Apparently they visited all 11 floors on Wednesday evening.

The generosity of the local community continues to amaze me. Steve and Mooki were offered a small furnished apartment in Carroll Gardens until they move into their summer sub-let. After having a burger and beer at the Union Street Cafe, Yoni and I went there last evening to meet the owners and see the apartment. The owners are a middle aged couple - late 50's/early 60's. They keep the apartment on the top floor of their brown stone for visitors. He's a professor at Columbia in the medical area - nervous system disorders. I don't recall what she does. They did not want any rent from Steve and Mooki and only asked for a donation to the Kane St. Synagogue. Steven and Mooki are discussing the pros/cons of moving in. If they decide to move, they'll do so on Sunday.

Yoni continues to do fine - he's a very independent young man. We had some time last night at dinner to discuss some of his favorite topics - rockets, planets, and stars.

Love to all.


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