Saturday, May 5, 2007

Toby Update

Hello All,

Toby made it home earlier this week. Initially, the transition back to home was a difficult one. Toby was particularly fussy, but today he had a better day. He showed shades of himself, playing on the carpet & engaging those around him.

This evening Toby was readmitted to Sloan because of a fever. As expected, his blood "counts" have bottomed out. Toby's white blood cells & his ANC are zero, & for this reason, he's unable to mount a significant response to infection (i.e., fever) & needs i.v. antibiotics.

Tomorrow, Toby's saba & savta (grandparents) return to Israel. They provided moral support, cooked, cleaned, & shopped. They will surely be missed. Greg, Toby's uncle, arrives tomorrow for the week.

On the homefront, Mooki & Stephen are still searching for a new apartment. If any of you have any news or suggestions, please let Mooki & Stephen know.

Finally, Fran, Heather, & Carie met today to make sure that everyone's efforts to help out are maximized & coordinated.

Thank you all.


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