Monday, May 7, 2007

Toby Update 5/7/07

It's Monday afternoon and Toby, Mooki and Stephen are on their way home from MSKCC. Toby has to wear a surgical mask because of the apartment's elevated toxin levels. So, as you can imagine, the hunt is still on for a suitable apartment in Park Slope, Kensington or Windsor Terrace. The family has reservations at Ronald McDonald House for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but it would be so great to have their own environmentally sound home to go home to. Please forward any leads to or

As expected, Toby's hair is falling out, but Toby remains in good spirits. He had Mac & Cheese for lunch and the doctors have predicted a good appetite until at least he starts his next round of chemo Thursday or Friday.

And once again, thank you for all your absolute devotion to providing care, comfort and support to Toby and his family.

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