Friday, May 25, 2007

bone marrows

i still haven't posted that update, but wanted you all to know that tomorrow morning toby is going in for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, to see if his marrows have responded to the 2 mega cycles of chemo so far. on tuesday we will start cycle 3 of chemo.

when toby had his first marrows done on april 21, i remember the doctor coming out of the operating room with gallon ziplock bags filled with vials and vials of toby's soft spongy tissue. he told me that he could see tumor in the marrows with his bare eyes.

i can't even think about tomorrow. i am so scared. and i pray that toby's marrows are cleaner. our wonderful little boy who can tell you about every train in the subway system, who is beginning to add numbers, who loves tomato soup, who delights in birdsong, our little toby deserves to have clean marrows.


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